…Cabs they don’t deserve you. Kidnap Missile and fly to the tropics with Pigeon Man, seriously.

GUESS WHO’S BIRTHDAY IS TODAY? :D  Everyone’s favourite amused fruit, Myst maniac and Jowd appreciation extraordinaire, LaughingMango! And because she’s always doing doodles to amuse me despite being the busiest of bees I figured I should make her something special inspired by a recent comment :D  Plus this will add to the lack of Pigeon Man art.  Even on the beach he’s still wearing that labcoat.

For the record: I figure this takes place in the new, happy timeline.  I also figure that while Cabanela did steal Missile he (cryptically) told Jowd his plan before he left and the moment he got to whatever tropical location they are at he sent a postcard back to Lynne assuring her that her doggie was in good hands.  I can just imaging the following conversation.

Lynne: ……Cabanela is in the Bahamas with my dog wtf

Jowd:  You act like this is something unusual for him to do.

Sissel sulks because he didn’t get catnapped.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVA SWEETNESS ♥  Hope you’re having a fantabulous birthday ^-^

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