Yeah so I’ve been kinda quiet on this blog for a while…sorry about that.  I admit I’ve been drawn over to the dark side that is RPing so a lot of my recent artwork has been there.  Plus my RL has been kinda crazy busy recently and I’ve had a lot of stuff to deal with.

On top of all that my laptop, which whines like a bitch when i use tumblr or photoshop or anything more complex than SOLITAIRE, whines even HARDER in this hot weather which has blessed the UK recently and it’s driving me up the wall (DON’T tell me to clean out the fan, I cannot even see where the bloody fan IS on my laptop).  I seriously have to invest in a new laptop cooling table as my current one is old and clunky.

ANYWHOS.  Have some Hattie art crossposted from my RP account

1) Hattie playing her guitar, one of her hobbies.

2) Hattie snuggling up with Cabanela’s (nooothinglikeme) scarf given to her by SisseltheNeko

3) Magical girl Hattie….don’t ask….

…..urgh, thank god it’s friday.

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