So are any Ghost Trick cosplayers going to be at MCM in London this weekend? I’m getting my Cabanela coat dry cleaned just in case, but if it’s just gonna be me I might not bother ^_^*

But if anyone wants to meet up for photos in their own costumes let me know!

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i love small fandoms and outdated memes that’s actually sad i’m sad

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I forgot to upload this yesterday but- aaah! I finally got it!

    The Rayman Legends book (included only in the limited edition) contains 45 unseen concept arts. Some, like the mansion, were already known, but 90% of the artworks were never seen before, and are quite different from the game we know today. The ennemies looked completly different!

For example, I believe that before the Toads and the Armored Toad, the enemies of the first world were Barbarian-alike people. …Which could probably explain why Barbara is also a barbarian?

Needless to say, these said artworks look gorgeous.

    For the story book itself, it’s smaller than I expected, but it still contains around 200 pages full of infos and -mostly already seen- artworks!

It’s full full FULL of text and infos concerning the different games. Knowing some of you ordered the french book, you’ll probably have some trouble understanding what’s going on. But if you are interested in a certain page, I can gladly try to translate it for you!

I’ll give a brief description of how it’s sorted.

  • Two pages with a commentary of Michel Ancel, then the author of the book himself, Michaël Guarné
  • Chapter 1: The time before Rayman (a small biography of Michel Ancel before he came up with Rayman)
  • Chapter 2: Rayman, a human and technical project
  • Chapter 3: Rayman 2 : The Great Escape, or the 3D challenge.
  • Chaper 4: Rayman 3 : Hoodlums Havoc, a Rayman without Michel Ancel
  • Chapter 5: Rayman Raving Rabbids - Yes, Wii can!
  • Chapter 6: Rayman Origins - The comeback to the origins
  • Chapter 7: Rayman Jungle Run: The Ubiart Framework in the palm of the hand.
  • Chapter 8: Rayman Legends - The Ancel Rock Festival keeps going!
  • Chapter 9: The Raymania (a sum-up of all Rayman games and cameos)
  • Chapter 10: The world of Rayman (a chapter about the glade of dreams and with a small sum-up of the main characters/villains of the series).
  • Chapter 11: The future of Rayman?
  • Conclusion: Rayman’s fans

Now I need to start revising for tomorrow’s exam, so that’s all I can say for now (I didn’t have the time to properly read it so far) but I’ll keep you informed if I fall on interesting infos.

EDIT: The author kindly asked to not scan the pages of the book. To respect his work and the work of the editors, I won’t do so. Still, I’ll share some infos from the text if you are interested. For the images theirselves, I can only advise you to buy the book. Really, it’s worth it and it pays Mr. Guarné’s hard work! :)

Is there going to be an English version?

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A goofy, cartoony Rayman ( starring as a little guinea-pig for render practice)
Still not quite finished, but I think I’ll just leave it at this stage before I ruin it (at least for now)
P.S.: Would you be so kind and don’t use it as avatar/icon? Or at least have the decency to credit/post a link to the original image. Thank you.


A goofy, cartoony Rayman ( starring as a little guinea-pig for render practice)

Still not quite finished, but I think I’ll just leave it at this stage before I ruin it (at least for now)

P.S.: Would you be so kind and don’t use it as avatar/icon? Or at least have the decency to credit/post a link to the original image. Thank you.

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I have bronchitis. Thanks to the ACA, I was able to get medicine for $0. #ThanksObama


that came from taxes I paid.

Well, let my know how much I owe you and I’ll drop a few pennies in the mail. War comes from taxes you paid, and I personally dislike the amount I pay going for that… Maybe we should check “yes” or “no” on our 1040 forms this year for allocation of tax dollars.

I’m sorry you think I’m lying, but I’m not. I qualified for the Medicaid expansion under the ACA, which is partially funded through taxpayer revenue. I don’t think the IRS mailed you a letter saying, “Nah nah nah nah naaaaaaah! This year’s tax dollars went to pay for medicine for poor people mwahahaha!” Who knows? Maybe YOUR portion of tax dollars went to a Hellfire missile that took out a village in Afghanistan. Ooh, how exciting for you!

Comfort yourself with that thought as I use my inhaler, which I would not have been able to afford without the ACA.

what the f*** is wrong with Americans who aren’t on board with free healthcare. I’m Canadian and I don’t care that I pay extra taxes so a little boy in Alberta can have open heart surgery, or an elderly man in Nova Scotia can get the heart medication he desperately needs. It’s called taking care of your people. I’m glad I pay so that people can have a good quality of life. It’s called being a decent f***ing human being.

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I’m from the UK.  I save a lot of my hard earned cash to pay for private medical care every year, heaven hoping I will never need it, and I STILL pay taxes to fund the National Health Service.

Because if ever I couldn’t pay for private health care, I’d want to know there was a safety net so I could still get medical treatment, even if it meant waiting a few more months or going to a different specialist.  

And I want my fellow human beings to have that same support.  

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Click on the pics for close ups!

Finally finished the Main Character (Plus Villains and Side Characters) lineup for Rayman Fables! (a cartoon proposal for Storyboarding)! I might rework some of the colors (Ly looks a lil strange to me still) but we’ll see! Thought you guys in the fandom’d like to see my progress. C:

Rayman is copyright Ubisoft

Seriously. Rayman needs his own cartoon. If this ever gets a Kickstarter campaign, I would donate in a heartbeat.

Oh my god I love Razor’s design to bits!!! The neckerchief!!! ♥

*erhem* Sorry for that. 8’3

I think Ly looks fine, honestly. ^^

The drawing style is really cool! I’m looking forward to see this project goin on. c:

My only input would be that perhaps Ly’s legs go up a little too high? Maybe her crotch is too high. I think she needs more hip space.

Otherwise, I love these designs and I would LOVE a new Rayman animated series that looks like this. Solid quality work!

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Book of Life is in Cinemas in the US from today (Oct 17th)

The art book is already available from Amazon and from what I hear it’s FANTASTIC

My plea to you is this.

Do not ignore this movie.

Make this thing EXPLODE on it’s opening weekend.

If you have ever complained about the lack of non-white main characters in animated movies, PAY TO WATCH THIS

If you reblog protesting posts about animated fairy tales only focusing on european and caucassian folklore, PAY TO WATCH THIS

If you are sick of seeing movies intended for children handed to people like Michael Bay, PAY TO WATCH THIS

If you have been reposting cultural appropriation posts about Dia de los Muertos and want to support representation of the richness of Mexican culture in regards to it’s celebrations from people who are actually part of it, PAY TO WATCH THIS

If you give one shit about animation as a medium, if you think it should be treated better at award ceremonies and given the same attention and respect as live action films, PAY TO WATCH THIS

The film industry only understands one thing.  YOUR MONEY.

They do not give two shits about your posts on tumblr or your petitions or your beautiful fanart.  If you do not throw your money at cinemas to see this film the movie industry and distributors will see this movie as a FAILURE.  It doesn’t matter how breathtaking the animation is, how glorious the design is, how good the story or cultural accuracy is, THEY WILL SEE IT AS A FAILURE.  

AND WHETHER OR NOT THIS MOVIE TURNS OUT TO BE GOOD, IT DOES NOT MATTER.  The spirit and message of this movie is important.  It’s made by people who love the culture they came from and want to share it with the world.  It may not be perfect, I’ve heard the story is a little lacking, but no experiment is perfect on it’s first try.  Even if it’s not perfect showing it your support WITH YOUR WALLET is an indicator for Hollywood to keep trying this concept.  To give new things a chance.  Not just stick with what has made them money in the past.

And if this does well they get the chance to make things BETTER.

My friends, Frozen and Lego Movie were huge hits and you guys were part of making that happen.  This film deserves that same chance.  

Spread the word.  Buy your tickets and get bums in seats for this.  Take your families, your kids, your nieces and nephews, your friends. Demand it at your local cinemas.  Make the trip to see it at your nearest cineplex.  3D or 2D EITHER IS FINE.  Hell if you REALLY can’t see it yourself for whatever reason PROMOTE IT TO OTHERS.

Even if you hate it, even if you think it’s stupid, even if you don’t like CGI.  How well this movie does in the USA matters BIG time..  You are one of the biggest movie going nations in the world, your support of this film can make it BIG.  In the Uk we’re not getting this for another week and by then it won’t matter how well it does over here.  The film industry only really cares about US ratings and how much money it made in the US.

Give this movie the chance to make a change in the industry.



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